Black and White Heart

by Tyler Fortier

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released June 10, 2014

Produced & mixed by Tyler Fortier except Motel Walls mixed by Matt Greco
Additional mixing on Center of My Mind, Oregon, Light of the Sun, & Love You Still the Same by Thaddeus Moore @ Sprout City Studios in Eugene, OR
Mastered by Thaddeus Moore @ Liquid Mastering in Eugene, OR
Acoustic guitar and lead vocal engineered by Matt Greco on February 3rd, 2014 @ Dead Aunt Thelma's in Portland, OR except Motel Walls guitar and vocals engineered by Don Ross on November 3rd, 2011 @ Don Ross Studios in Eugene, OR
Banjo & pedal steel performed by Bryan Daste engineered @ his home studio in Portland, OR
All drums engineered by Merlin Showalter @ his home studio in Eugene, OR
All other tracking engineered by Tyler Fortier in Eugene, OR



all rights reserved


Tyler Fortier Eugene, Oregon

Tyler Fortier was named Eugene, Oregon's Next Big Thing in 2011 and has been invited to open for Frazey Ford, Matt Pond, Ivan & Alyosha, LeRoy Bell, David Dondero and many others. After touring extensively and releasing four albums between 2010 and 2011, Fortier began working behind the scenes as a music producer and making albums with some of the Northwest's finest singer/songwriters. ... more

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Track Name: Center of My Mind
Verse 1:
The sun is setting fast and all I can do to rest
is keep you in my mind and hold you till I'm fine
and wait for the sun to die
You know, from this house we'll build a home and grow
like a wild tale grows and this story is always told by the lovers in the fold of a heart that beats so big

Everyone come see that moon
It's hanging like a picture in the sky
Everyone come crowd around that big ol' moon
It's shining like a diamond in the night
I'll meet you there, my love
In the center of my mind

Verse 2:
A light is only a light when it is shining bright
and when it's not, it's just a lonesome afterthought
waiting for the time to throw your love a line and dance in the shadows


These days will fade on this life we've made
and I can feel the evening closing in
as the minutes bounce like echos through the halls
of everywhere we've ever been

Track Name: Oregon
Verse 1:
My mansion is just a home but it's where I keep my gold
My gold is just an evening spent sitting here with you

Pre-chorus 1:
We're all working for that payday
and a little time on Sunday to be quiet for a while

Build a house, make it home
the things we need ain't the things we own
Everyone is on the go but where I'm going is where I belong

Verse 2:
My love for you is fire burning like an ember
this ember's stoked and wild all night long

Pre-chorus 2:
We're all working for the weekend
for a little time to speak and be on our own


These summer days will fade and so will we

Track Name: Let it Rain
Verse 1:
Like the moon and the tide
I'm pulling on my sheets
I'm shining in the streets and I'm washing over dreams
They're washing over me

Verse 2:
I've been sleeping like a ghost
and ghosts don't ever sleep
They just walk around these halls holding on to stories
They're holding on to me

I've been waiting for the rain
I've been staring up at the sky too long to not feel anything
So let it rain, let it rain

Verse 3:
Like the wheels and the road
I'm moving but I don't
While I'm burning out, I'll hold my ground
Will you hold me?

Verse 4:
Like the echo and the sound
I'm spinning all around
I'm the beauty in the air when there ain't nobody there


Where the trees and sky collide
where the river opens wide
where the dirt hits the street and the shoes upon my feet
Power lines and people
the static in the wires
blue electric memories hum...

Track Name: Light of the Sun
Verse 1:
Conversations swirl like leaves in autumn
Each one moving on a string from one corner to the next
as a purple sky goes hollow above everything
I'm tree branch naked, I'm the sun and the moon
I am fall time sorrow, I am love in bloom
Everywhere I walk, I walk alone

Tonight, tonight
I'll be living alone inside my mind
Tonight, tonight
Let's steal the light of the sun, let's steal the light

Verse 2:
My head spins like ribbons and arrows flying through the air
each one sharpened to a point
each one flung without a care
Everywhere I walk, I walk alone
Everywhere I walk, there I go


Then we'll wake up late
like Monday would never come
and all those flashes of inspiration
would let us know that we were really alive

Track Name: Love You Still the Same
Verse 1:
Take me home at the break of day
I've got two more hours left to go
but I'm begging to my lord
"Please don't let me die, I've got children of my own"

Tell me Mamma'
If I've got the rain inside my head now and poison in my veins
Please know I love you still the same
The devil's calling, these angels are taking me home

Verse 2:
Take me sailing through black seas and stormy weather
but I've got nothing left to find
I've met my true love and I've seen the beauty
Now I never want to die

Track Name: Only Love
Verse 1:
I hope I don't die young, I hope I don't die old
because I need to be there each time you wake
and each morning I'd kiss your face and feel thankful for the day
and how we belong here, only love

Verse 2:
I know I can't stay and I know the season's changing
and it might be winter inside your heart
but the blue skies in your eyes will keep the winter time at bay
and when the night calls, it's only love

You can bury me in the ground
or you can spread my ashes 'round
You can take the sun away or you can take away the sound
but I'll be right here by your side, in these words and in these sings
and come tomorrow, it's only love

Verse 3:
I hope I don't die young, I hope I don't die old
because I need to be there each time you ache
I will shoulder all your pain and I will revel in your way
Yeah, I'm going to be there, my only love
Track Name: The Flood
Verse 1:
Just sitting here killing time because that's all that I can do
Waiting for tomorrow with my nighttime blues

Oh, I've been trying to make it to the water's edge
Oh, I think I'll get there soon
Oh, I think this love is real
Oh, I've been waiting for the Flood to take me home
Take me home, take me home

Verse 2:
Just sitting here killing time while everyone is gone
Empty like a singer without a song

Track Name: A Little More
Verse 1:
Oh, the sky and the sea
I can't tell where one or the other meet
Reflections where I stand or miles down the sand
It's all just staring back at me

Verse 2:
Shades of blue and wooden frames
This house is still the same
thought it grew, and grew, and grew
I think we're adding on soon

These streams are running wild but they only run so deep
We've been moving like the current
Most nights it's rocking us to sleep
We've been holding on to something like reflections on the waves
and then disappear when we hit the shore
Oh, but honey let's try like hell and give a little more

Verse 3:
Oh, tomorrow, oh today
I can't tell when one has gone away
The truth is where I am and that's exactly where I stand
'neath the pale moon rising by the sea


End Chorus:
Now we share each others names and I can see it in your eyes
like I can see the sun through the rain
We've been holding on to something
lately we can't explain when it disappears
when we close our eyes
Oh, but honey let's try like hell and give a little more
Track Name: Motel Walls
Verse 1:
Pictures on the wall hanging crooked in their frames
Lovers over in the next room, crying hate
Footstep ceilings echo down to my floor
While the others are waiting for the night to carry them home

I have all this love to give
I'm too far to give it to you
but the morning light is a beautiful thing
the morning light is where we'll meet

Verse 2:
Pictures on the wall, each one without a name
Crying, but quiet and lonely and I feel all of their pain
Footstep strangers outside my door
While I'm crying, but quiet and lonely and hanging from this motel wall

Track Name: Bound to Leave
Verse 1:
I see the fools on Sunday morning
and I watch the idiots dancing on Friday night
Oh, but they feel alright

I've seen two older women
Their brains turned to mush
Been treated like babies, crying too much

This life is too wicked to save or be saved
I've been staring at fire, I've been moving like rain
The moon is a razor blade in the eve
and these stars will cut you if you stare too deep
How am I supposed to keep my sanity
when everything I hold dear, is bound to leave?

Verse 2:
I hear the gospel but breathe cycles of hate
The good ol' boys, the preacher men
They're dying in their way but they'll be sure to kill you first

I've seen the bleeding hearts of lovers exposed
Two becomes one and then ones all alone
Oh, and I need you now, dear, more than ever